Energy houses – Cottages

Low construction costs – High specification insulation.

Our company has the ability to construct small country houses with a basic element of building the polyurethane panels. In this way we create an environment suitable for cottages. Polyurethane panels help us to quickly and cost-efficiently build a country house that will not differ from anything from a conventional country house.

The advantages it has are very important as:

  • Low construction cost (about 1/3 of the price of a conventional home).
  • Insulation of high specifications and ideal conditions (temperature and humidity) inside the house.
  • There is no need to maintain the exterior wall because it is made of polyurethane panels that do not require any kind of maintenance.
  • Variety of colors and shapes for exterior masonry (panels in imitation of wood, brick masonry panels, panels in tile imitation on the roof).
  • Interior environment similar to a conventional country house using gypsum board or even wood (wooden house).
  • Possibility of heating the house within 2 hours irrespective of outside temperature and days.
  • Natural air conditioning during the summer without the use of air conditioners
  • Ease of construction of all necessary installations (plumbing, electrical)