Fireworks studies

For all business premises

We conduct fire safety studies and issue certificates such as:


Meeting rooms (Restaurant, Bars, Cafes etc.)



Cars workshop

Car Stations

Shopping malls

Nursery Stations





Few words about the Fire Protection Study:

The fire protection design is required in accordance with applicable law in the following general cases:

According to the year of construction of the property, a passive fire protection study is required for the planning town planning and where permanent fire protection systems are required according to the legislation in force, an active fire protection study is also drawn up.

All buildings, irrespective of their use, are distinguished from the point of view of fire protectionexisting and new. It is important to know the year of construction of the property so that we can write the active study.

Limit point for their distinction, The date of entry into force of Presidential Decree 101/1998 (A 32) “Building Fire Protection Regulation” is considered. Existing buildings These are the ones that their building permit was issued before the date of entry into force of the aforementioned Presidential Decree, whereas new ones are considered those buildings whose building permit was issued after the entry into force of the Presidential Decree. 71/1988.

Our Company has the ability to develop an Active Other Passive Study so that the file is filed with the Fire Brigade for the issue of the Fire Safety Certificate.