Freeze chamber- Industrial refrigeration

Our company, having the know-how, the long experience and the technical and scientific expertise, provides complete solutions for industrial cooling and refrigeration chambers from the design stage to the construction and operation of the installation, such as:

  • Refrigeration chambers for the maintenance of fresh or frozen products of any kind for small commercial or industrial uses, with prefabricated polyurethane panels and autonomous or semi-central cooling systems using ecological refrigerants.
  • Central refrigeration chambers for maintenance of fresh or frozen products for large industrial and commercial uses, with prefabricated polyurethane panels, central refrigeration systems with parallel compressors, single-stage or two-stage direct expansion with recirculation pumps, air coolers or tubular elements, air-cooled or water-cooled or evaporative condensers, cooling with the use of ecological refrigerants
  • Cooling chambers for special use with controlled atmosphere systems.
  • Industrial ice making plants (ice coccups) for the production of cold water for pasteurization of milk or ice cream.
  • Installation control center: temperature and humidity monitoring, temperature monitoring, installation operation – maintenance, monitoring, on line control. Refrigeration chambers of all types for applications such as:

Citrus fruits – Fruits – Vegetables – Dried fruits – Flowers – Dough products – Confectionery – Cheese – Meat – Sausages – Fish – Medical preparations – Bee floors