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At Geocool, we attach great importance to the organization and the right working method.

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Who we Are

The company HALKIAS & CO. with the distinctive title GeoCool, is a continuation of the individual company of Mr. Halkia Nikolaou, founded in 1987.

Mr. Chalkias Nikolaos is a pioneer in the applications of thermal insulation panels in industrial refrigeration and industrial buildings. He has been active in the sector since 1985 and has considerable experience as a refrigeration and industrial technician.

It is characteristic that the company has been offering over the years a wide range of constructions with the basic element of thermal insulating panels, industrial buildings, freezing chambers and fast freezing tunnels, to complete country houses and special warehouses.

In 2012, the individual company is transformed into the UK. with the participation of Mr. Chalkias Alexios Electrical &Computer Engineering as a partner. The new company is now in a position to undertake major projects for the implementation of refrigeration installations, industrial buildings and various applications with thermal insulation panels, along with the necessary studies. At the same time it offers complete solutions in the field of electromechanical studies and installations.

Aim of our Company

The offer of integrated solutions in the field of industrial cooling combined with the excellent quality of the used construction materials and the perfect presentation of the final project.

The experience and the know-how on the object of activity that the company has acquired over the years of its uninterrupted operation, ensure the provision of services tailored to the needs of each client.

Continuous monitoring of new materials and achievements in the field of activity and their transfer to the peculiarities of the Greek Market.

Long-term cooperation with each customer.

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